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   QTRecordAudioXtra 1.0.1

About QTRecordAudioXtra

QTRecordAudioXtra is a crossplatform scripting xtra for Macromedia Director to record audio from any Quicktime
compatible sound input device.

Now available for Director 11.


System Requirements


MacOSX 10.1 or higher
Macromedia Director 8, Director 9 (MX), Director 10 (MX2004), Director 11 or higher

Windows 98 or higher
Macromedia Director 5 - 11 or higher

MacOS 8.6 - 9.2 (PPC)
Macromedia Director 8, Director 9 (MX), Director 10 (MX2004)

Quicktime 6 or higher



Pricing, Licensing and Purchase

QTRecordAudioXtra is distributed as shareware at a price of 75 € for all platforms.

Before you order your copy of QTRecordAudioXtra you should read the license agreement carefully.

All orders are processed by shareit on a secure ordering system. You may want to visit their web site first. Many other xtra developers sell their products there.



Note: The update of the new version for MacOSX and Director 11 is free of charge.


The following downloads of QTRecordAudioXtra are available.
The downloads contain all versions of the xtra and demo movies.

Zip File QTRecordAudio.zip


You can download the latest documentation for QTRecordAudioXtra here.

Zip File qtra_docs.zip

If you prefer you may also view the documentation online.



xtra QTRecordAudioXtra -- version 1.0.1
-- --------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Quicktime based audio recording xtra
-- --------------------------------------------------------------------

-- ©2005-2010 by Stephan Eichhorn, Scirius Development
-- e-mail: qtra@scirius.com
-- WWW: http://www.scirius.com

new object me -- create a new xtra instance

+ Register object xtraRef, string username, string serialnumber
qtraShowSettingsDialog object me -- shows the sound input dialog

qtraGetDeviceList object me -- returns a list of sound input devices
qtraGetSourceList object me -- returns a list of sound sources of the device
qtraGetDeviceName object me -- returns the device name
qtraGetSource object me -- returns the source number of the device
qtraGetSampleSize object me, integer dev -- returns the sample size
qtraGetSampleRate object me, integer dev -- returns the sample rate
qtraGetChannelCount object me, integer dev -- returns the channel count
qtraGetInputGain object me -- returns the current input gain
qtraGetVolume object me -- returns the playback volume

qtraSetDevice object me, string devName -- set the new input device
qtraSetSource object me, integer srcnum -- set the source of the device
qtraSetSampleSize object me, integer s, integer dev -- set the sample size
qtraSetSampleRate object me, integer r, integer dev -- set the sample rate
qtraSetChannelCount object me, integer c, integer dev -- set the channel count
qtraSetInputGain object me, float g -- set the input gain
qtraSetVolume object me, integer vol -- set the playback volume

qtraGetRecordingStatus object me -- returns the recording status
qtraGetRecordingLevel object me -- returns the recording level
qtraGetRecordingTimeRemaining object me -- returns the time remaining in ticks
qtraRecord object me, integer time, string nf, integer memory -- start recording; time in ticks
qtraPauseRecording object me -- pause recording
qtraResumeRecording object me -- resume recording
qtraStopRecording object me -- stop recording

*qtraExportAIFF string f, string nf, integer bits, integer rate, integer channels, symbol comp, integer showprogress
*qtraPlotWaveImage string f, integer st, integer et, integer w, integer h