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   SetMouseXtra 1.0.3

About SetMouseXtra

SetMouseXtra is a crossplatform scripting xtra for Macromedia/Adobe Director.

It extends LINGO by a function to set the mouse position to any location on the screen.


System Requirements


MacOSX 10.0
Macromedia Director 9 (MX), Director 10 (MX2004), Adobe Director 11 and above

Macromedia Director 5 - 10, Adobe Director 11 and above

Version 1.0.0 of SetMouseXtra supports Windows 3.1 as well as the classic MacOS in 68K and PPC architecture.


Pricing, Licensing and Purchase

SetMouseXtra is distributed as freeware. The Xtra is distributed "as is" there is no special licensing required.




The following downloads of SetMouseXtra are available.
The downloads contain all versions of the xtra, demo movies and the cross platform files.

Macintosh Disc Image SetMouseXtra.dmg
Zip File SetMouseXtra.zip



xtra SetMouseXtra -- version 1.0.3 (Universal)
-- --------------------------------------------------------------------
-- this Xtra let you set the mouse position
-- --------------------------------------------------------------------

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*SetMouse integer x, integer y -- set the cursor to position x, y on the screen